Instrumentation & Control Engineering


Instrumentation is defined as the art and science of measurement and control of process variables within a production or manufacturing area
An instrument is a device that measures a physical quantity such as flow, temperature, level, distance, angle, or pressure. Instruments may be as simple as direct reading thermometers or may be complex multi-variable process analyzers. Instruments are often part of a control system in refineries, factories, and vehicles. The control of processes is one of the main branches of applied instrumentation. Instrumentation can also refer to handheld devices that measure some desired variable. Diverse handheld instrumentation is common in laboratories, but can be found in the household as well. For example, a smoke detector is a common instrument found in most western homes.
Control instrumentation plays a significant role in both gathering information from the field and changing the field parameters, and as such are a key part of control loops.



Process Control Instrumentation Lab


Vision of the department is to strengthen the Infrastructure and human resources of the department to achieve perfection and reach the level of perfection in our dedicated service of offering standard technical education and control engineering to our students.


The Instrumentation and Control Engineering is committed to impart technical knowledge and training in instrumentation and control engineering to produce competent engineers in the branch to meet the demands of the industry in India and abroad.

Year of Starting1995
Lab Details1.Electronics lab
2.BI lab
3.MPV lab
4.Instrumentation lab
5.Computer lab
6.PCI lab
7.Microcontroller lab

Staff Details

1Mr A. SathiyanathanHead of the Department
2Mr. T. RamsekarSenior Lecturer
3Mr.Kodeesvaran. GLecturer

Supporting Staff Detail

1Mr. E. Thamizharasan